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Installing 3rd party apps

Hello everyone! Today we will speak about app installation! Installing apps from Google Play is the easy way, installing latest version from a Google secure server... ect. But if we want to install a custom version, a beta app, or basicly any app that cannot be on the google play? Developers always release the .apk file which is the true app. Most people don't even know what im even talking about...

Apps are apk files, to install an apk directly in your phone simply you need to copy it in a folder of your phone! First, download the app to your pc (if possible) and connect your phone, after that copy the file to the phones folder (recommended downloads) and after that, eject your phone.

Now using any file manager browse the destination folder and click on the .apk you want to install. If this is your first time you will experiance an error. To fix this go to: "Settings > Security > Unknown Sources" and enable it. After that reopen the .apk and press install!

Your app is installed!


Installing apps from unknown souces can be truly dangerous so consider installing an antivirus from Google play first! Recommended: Kaspersky insternet security

Do not install apps without icons or weird names because they have a strong chance of being a virus.


I dont have anything to do with Google, Google Play or Kaspersky labs im just a nub having a blog!

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