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Hardwere keys
Hello guys!!! Today we are going to speak about the hardwere buttons of an android phone. Im going to start with the volume buttons,which are not my faves. Im going to speak with a samsung tab 3 lite (sm-t110) and my motorola droid razr m (xt907). Im going to start with my tablet. It has a hardwere home button. To access its bootloader you need to push vol down +home,to enter recovery use vol up + home,to take screenshot press home + power (this is for all hardwered devices). About my phone ... Entering recovery is power (3 sec) + vol down (till massage), entering recovery is with power + vol up (althought it has no recovery), and screenshot with vol down (3 sec) + power[this is for all non hardwered devices (not for screenshot)]. Well... -Bill Sideris
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