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Bochs on android

Hello people! Today we are going to speak about Bochs (~box), a famous pc emulator that runs on android 2.4-6.0 and emulates a basic bios, ram, hdd (from .img),and uses touchscreen for operation and mouse pad. I like it with windows XP and linux tiny core. Its a really good and simple program with zero size but uses much RAM. It can't afford much but its enough for os testing.I test a creation of eXperiance, MicroXP,a good copy of windows XP with a few less files and the ability to run with half a giga RAM. It can't enter to the internet since its a guest OS and it can't recocnise vga so it is just basic VGA adapter and screen. Well its free and easy to download but includes a few manual operations such as importing SDL file into internal sd card. Im not going to provide a download link cause of policies but its really easy to find it,just search it. Installation is easy after that get an .iso of your OS create an empty .img with toporesize and rename them as c.img(not .iso) And d.img, add them to SDL folder install bochs .apk and run it. Proseed with installation after it remove c.img rename d.img to c.img, open bochs and enjoy. ---Bill Sideris

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