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Android TV

Welcome back android lovers! Today we will speak about a new android product we usually buy, the android TV (smart TV). Android TV is a really nice product with dozen of features but no one has ever made it "proffession" like us and i would love to make it.
  Well lets start! Android TV is based on android 5.0.0 lollipop, it isn't a special version of android (instead on smartwatch 4.4.2w) but we can see in its about screen that it says:
You can of course notice that it says SVPD ---TV--- _EU so this means that it is simply an other version of android noticing that every phone has an other version,TV's are all same. Android TV's are all 64x based, rootable (idk why),and able to install a custom ROM(omg WTF kill meh) and they can also download and install any .apk, but not be able to run it for sure of course and much more! TV's are really good but they are too expencive...
Well, see ya! ---Bill Sideris

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