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Android one

Hello everyone! Today we will speak about android one, the newest android experiment by google. It is a lite version of android, it supports lite apps and works in devices with less than 1GB memory. Equipped with google assistant and all Google apps. Android nougat installed out of the box and guaranteed for at least one os update by Google.

But is it all we need?

Coming in cheap phones could be a really good alternative but it is not enough, because it cannot support big games or desktop apps, causing big problems to android experts and upcoming users.

Though common users could be easilly pleased by it (Social media---Calling---Internet) it cannot fullfill advanced users expertise. I believe it will come to the same effect as android go, or even worse.

####Bonus: OTA upgrade in android one could cause many problems because of the <1GB ram.###

Have a nice day, and I hope I see you all next time!

Bill Sideris

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