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Android on other platforms part 2

 Welcome back! The android x86 is released in the .iso format you can install it in any pc as I mentioned in the previous post, but its almost imposible to make it persistent (saving data upon reboot) its too hard to make it work. As you probably know the portable OS saves data only in the data.img file of the root folder. Android x86 works as usual with this method but the data.img file MUST be in Ext2 file system. Another big trouble is making it... well after 50 hours of formats and reboots I found out that it can make it with a windows utility called toporezise*. After that the android x86 pc should work properly. I believe I should mention it that the android x86 installer doesn`t work,and it can nuke your pc. Well thats for today! ---Bill Sideris
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*utility that formats .img files. You can donload it below.

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Can be also downloaded in the Androidterm subway.