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Android 7.0 Features


It's been long time since I've made a post, so lets get right into it!

Android 7.0 recently released and it is the "sweetest os update ever" has a lot of features.

First split screen can be great fun when attempting to multitask(though its not possible...), split screen works on multiple apps but not all,

also battery saver and general battery usage is improved. I used to have energy problems with my Moto G4 and with the updates all the problems are fixed!

Work and doze mode have been officialy released, giving android phones more reability. Work mode allows to have more multitasking and doze mode sets the phone in deep sleep during nightime,

Also data management is improved using data saver. It is really practical when you have 5mb left and you need

Battery is also controled from notification panel allowing users to prevent energy burn out.

All those new features will be improved in android 8!

Have a nice day!


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