Welcome back!!! Today i have a tiny suprise i found the android filesystem... Its Ext2 and i can prove it. Root users can expand their internal storage using a simpe utility and a sd card. They add the sd in the internal storage. But after that the sd card cannot be recocnised by a pc.(windows)

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Welcome back! Today we will speak about flashing a operating system on a phone.Really hard thing...Well android os is much data in many .iso but this doesn't stop us.You need to flash it in with fastboot flash ... Instead i resently heard that flasing bios is an existing thing!That about computers and androids.About cyanogenmod you also need to unlock bootloader.This is the hardest thing ever... Usually we just use fastboot oem unlock but every company has its own cmd.Samsung has the fasboot oem unlock,Motorola usually a program and the rest a carrier support program.Its all about the ecryption of the boot loader. Unlocked bootloader is just about flashing custom os on a phone and better root quality. Much more stuff on other blogs like:
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Welcome back. Today we are going to speak about a mystery of android: its filesystem. Androids dont reveal their filesystem they say general architectural. This is not possible since its a linux and only read fat32 with otg. So lets speak in theory: from the linux side it suppose to be Ext2 but it can also be fat32. Also does it have a swap partision?!?!?! I believe its Ext2 and uses a compatible driver for fat32 since with root i use NTFS. Let me know if you have anything in mind and like! ---Bill Sideris
(Please mind that im greek and i might make plenty of mistakes)

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Hello people! Today we are going to speak about Bochs (~box), a famous pc emulator that runs on android 2.4-6.0 and emulates a basic bios, ram, hdd (from .img),and uses touchscreen for operation and mouse pad. I like it with windows XP and linux tiny core. Its a really good and simple program with zero size but uses much RAM. It can't afford much but its enough for os testing.I test a creation of eXperiance, MicroXP,a good copy of windows XP with a few less files and the ability to run with half a giga RAM. It can't enter to the internet since its a guest OS and it can't recocnise vga so it is just basic VGA adapter and screen. Well its free and easy to download but includes a few manual operations such as importing SDL file into internal sd card. Im not going to provide a download link cause of policies but its really easy to find it,just search it. Installation is easy after that get an .iso of your OS create an empty .img with toporesize and rename them as c.img(not . ... Read more »

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Well i can't say im happy...but first let me tell you about the main subject of this page....My shadow fight 2 game doesn't start.It was wrong starting it on an not rootable device.The problem is that the data are corrupted. I cannot fix mine or help anyone without root but lets speak in theory: i wipe cache from the recovery 《----(pay attention),power off (leave the device 5-10 min.),open the device,clear useless stuff,and try out. If not with noob mode use the root mode: clear cache from root app, disable Xposed, reboot in safe mode ( If you don't disable Xposed your device is a brick and this is a declaimer),wipe cache (anyway), and in safe mode open shadow fight 2. Extreme mode next time... ---Bill Sideris

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Hello guys!!! Today we are going to speak about the hardwere buttons of an android phone. Im going to start with the volume buttons,which are not my faves. Im going to speak with a samsung tab 3 lite (sm-t110) and my motorola droid razr m (xt907). Im going to start with my tablet. It has a hardwere home button. To access its bootloader you need to push vol down +home,to enter recovery use vol up + home,to take screenshot press home + power (this is for all hardwered devices). About my phone ... Entering recovery is power (3 sec) + vol down (till massage), entering recovery is with power + vol up (althought it has no recovery), and screenshot with vol down (3 sec) + power[this is for all non hardwered devices (not for screenshot)]. Well... -Bill Sideris
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Hello.This forum is about android commands and tricks of it.Its too young but i promise it will be good!  -Bill Sideris

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